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Do you need technical content translated into plain English for a business or consumer audience? I can help.

An award-winning freelance technology writer, I have been covering Australia's IT and business sectors for 28 years. I have published thousands of features, news stories, case studies, white papers, opinion columns, corporate blogs, and other collateral covering nearly every aspect of business and consumer technology.

My work has appeared in most of Australia's leading technology and business publications, covering fields ranging from networking and telecommunications to privacy, enterprise applications, cloud, information security, biotechnology, AI, business and management strategy, and more.


I have also edited print and online publications in sectors including higher education, government, and consumer technology. I am frequently called upon to run online webinars, host executive roundtables, interview executives on camera, host audio podcasts, and a broad range of other projects.

I specialise in long-form writing such as corporate white papers, magazine and online features, research reports based on raw survey data, corporate positioning documents, and more.

Whatever your content requirements, I am available to help. Please take a moment to browse through my past work (below), or scroll down to the Contact Me section to get in touch about your requirements. I look forward to working with you!

Search My Portfolio

My latest published stories are listed below, as part of my online, searchable Authory database

of more than 4000 past stories. Feel free to explore!

"You may have seen me in..."

My work has been regularly published in Australia's leading technology and business publications. Scroll through the gallery and click on the images to read some of my previous work.

I am available to help with:

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Writing & Editing

Whether you need a journalist to cover an event or tackle a commissioned feature, or a commercial writer for ghostwriting white papers and blog posts, I can help.

I specialise in long-form features and white papers, presenting technological details and concepts in language that's accessible to business and general audiences.

I am also available for case studies, news stories, interviews, event coverage, and whatever other collateral you might need.


Video & Interviews

I am frequently called upon to interview visiting executives, technical specialists or otherwise notable speakers – either on camera or on stage.

I can also help with executive media training – preparing and executing mock interviews that help speakers develop strategies for handling media appearances and staying focused on key messaging.


Event Hosting

I am often called upon to host small-group roundtables, online Webinars, or emcee engagements to manage the flow of industry events. This includes facilitating on-stage panel discussions and hosting breakout sessions.

Drop me a line if you have an event coming up, and need someone who can engage attendees and stimulate good discussion amongst staff and customers or prospects.

About Me

If it's happening in tech,

I've covered it

I have been covering Australia's technology industry for over 28 years as a journalist, editor, photographer, and event facilitator. In that time, I have won 20 industry writing awards and been a finalist more than 75 times. I have published thousands of features, news stories, case studies, whitepapers, and other collateral across every aspect of information technology, innovation, and business transformation.

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Contact Me

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to talk about your own content requirements. Drop me an email or fill out the form below, and I will get back to you so we can get started as soon as possible.

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